FAQ - frequently asked questions

1.  How do I order?

Choose from our range in peace, where you can search the product on the menu. Once you have decided on a product, simply click on the "add to cart". You have not bookmarked items are now in the basket and will be displayed there.
All products that are in your basket, you can also remove or change the number. If you complete your purchase selected products and to order, click on the "Checkout" or you are a customer of PayPal and use the convenient PayPal Express Checkout.
Once you have arrived at the checkout, you will be asked first to enter your billing address. Please let us know your dates and then click "next". Complete your details, select the shipping and payment method, and in each case with the button to confirm "Next". Finally, your order will be summarized and you have the opportunity to correct your data. Now click on the "Order" button to transfer the data to us.
In a successful order you will receive an e-mail as confirmation.
2. Is there a minimum order?
Yes, there is a minimum order value of 15, - EUR at Kreidetafel.de you must reach.
3.  I want to cancel my order, what should I do?
You may cancel your order in full before delivery. To cancel your order please contact us at:
Tel: +49 (0049) 4131  391734 (. 14 cents / min from a landline / mobile may be more)
Fax: +49 (0049) 4131 34919
Email: info@kreidetafel.de
You will receive a confirmation e-mail and you can request a refund of the purchase order. The legal right of return is not affected by the cancellation option.
4. How can I pay?
You have to choose yourself the opportunity to pay as you wish. In our shop, there are almost all types of payment by credit card, direct debit from the account or immediate transfer. Learn more about this, see payment possibilities.
5. How long is the delivery time for Kreidetafelshop.de?
The delivery time is usually 3 - 4 days within germany. For all other countries we can not say how long the carrier needs to deliver the goods. This is variable. We give it to our carrier at the same day you made the order. The delivering time also depends on the availability of each product. The delivery time will be displayed in the shop for each item on the product page. Please note that we advance payment only after receipt ship the goods. If it should go faster, please contact us by eMail, we look like what we can do:
04131/391734 (14 cents / min., Landline / mobile prices vary)
We are happy to give you information and help you!
6. In the range of Kreidetafel.de a waterproof chalk markers is available?
Kreidetafel.de leads in the delivery program not waterproof chalk markers. When using these markers on our chalkboards remains an unremarkable film. The deposits one sees only on closer examination, a residue-free cleaning is not usually possible. For the reasons mentioned Kreidetafel.de sells only water-soluble marker.
7. What is the diameter holes for custom?
The bore diameter is depending on the current panel size. Tables below 1 m are available with 5 mm holes. Greater than 1 m Chalkboards are provided with 8 mm holes.
8. Is there slates of stone in special sizes?
For larger quantity orders we can  realise slates in special sizes. Individual productions for slates of stone are not possible.